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About us

Madankoi is the brand name for top quality Koi bred by Dagon, a World Class Fish Breeding Center. 
Madankoi means much more than high quality fish. Behind the name stands a professional and experienced team of biologists and Koi lovers focusing on breeding and growing Koi all year, packing and shipping fish at a very high standard with the utmost importance on personal communication with our customers.
Madankoi ensures healthy and strong fish with an on-going support of a professional health department. The health standard of our koi is supervised by our in-house health lab (Dr. Ashoulin and his technicians).  
We offer exclusive Hand Pick trips for our customers giving them the opportunity to visit the farm and to enjoy a huge selection of our best fish.
With more than 35 years of experience in Cold water fish breeding, we are one of the leading suppliers of cold water fish namely Koi, Goldfish, and Grass Carps. We offer Fantails and  Tropical fish from well known Israeli farms, giving our customers a full range of Ornamentals.

Aquaculture corporation, covering a total area of 240 hectares, is a world class Fish Breeding and aquaculture Center situated on the eastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea. 
Our Aquaculture activities include a Marine Hatchery which supplies bio-secured edible fish all year round, with fingerlings such as Hybrid Striped bass, Barramundi, Sea Bream, Sea Bass, Red Drum and Grouper.In addition Dagon has an Intensive and extensive edible fish industry, producing more than 2000 Tons of edible fish Including fresh water species (Tilapia, Carps, Mullets) and salt water fish (Red Drum, Sea Bass, Grouper).
Dagon is one of many highly respected and prosperous industries of Kibbutz Ma’agan Michael founded in 1949. 
Ma’agan Michael is world renowned as the owner of Plasson Ltd., a large-scale plastics manufacturing company, with an annual gross sales of over 250 million USD, and also for its very successful agricultural businesses.